The Crowdfunding Bible' ebook was written to guide you through the process of raising money for any startup or project. Valuable contents include the pros and cons of crowdfunding as well as the types of projects that can use crowdfunding as a valuable investment source.

An extensive to-do list and terrific reminder material for the basics of ideating, completing, and fulfilling a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Whether you're running a campaign or just interested in learning more about crowdfunding, this field guide is packed with tips, tricks, and resources to help make your ideas come to life.

The Hubspost Small Business Marketing hub provides a plethora of excellent resources for how to market and grow businesses online. Available content covers a variety of disciplines, including marketing, PR, social media, SEO, and web analytics.

Join the friendly Vimeo Staff as they cover all the basics of shooting and editing videos you can be proud of. Includes handcrafted lessons for beginners of all backgrounds.

An excellent collection of videos that cover everything from campaign how-to's, best practices, and crowdfunding industry information from one of the largest platforms, Indiegogo.

With so many projects posted on crowdfunding sites, it can be hard to ensure that your product stands above the rest. This author elaborates on effective but crucial tips for how to stand out from the "crowd".

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